TEXT 155
hitva dure pathi dhava-taror antikam dhara-setor
bhangodagra guru-sikharinam ramhasa langhayanti
lebhe krsnarnava nava-rasa radhika-vahini tvam
vag-vicibhih kim iva vimukhi-bhavam asyas tanosi
hitva—giving up; dure—far away; pathi—on the road; dhava-taroh—of the tree of the husband; antikam—the vicinity; dharma-setoh—the bridge of religion; bhanga-udagra—being strong enough for breaking; guru-sikharinam—the hill of the superior relatives; ramhasa—with great force; langhayanti—crossing over; lebhe—has obtained; krsna-arnava—O ocean of Krsna; nava-rasa—being influenced by new ecstatic love; radhika—Srimati Radharani; vahini—like a river; tvam—You; vak-vicibhih—only by the waves of words; kim—how; iva—like this; vimukhi-bhavam—indifference; asyah—toward Her; tanosi—You are spreading.
'O Lord Krsna, You are just like an ocean. The river of Srimati Radharani has reached You from a long distance-leaving far behind the tree of Her husband, breaking through the bridge of social convention, and forcibly crossing the hills of elder relatives. Coming here because of fresh feelings of love for You, that river has now received Your shelter, but now You are trying to turn Her back by the waves of unfavorable words. How is it that You are spreading this attitude?' "
This verse from Vidagdha-madhava (3.9) is spoken to Lord Krsna by paurnamasi, the grandmother of Srimati Radharani.

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