visuddhabdhi-sthitasya me
sukhani gospadayante
brahmany api jagad-guro
tvatYour; saksatmeeting; karanasuch action; ahladapleasure; visuddhaspiritually purified; abdhiocean; sthitasyabeing situated; meby me; sukhanihappiness; gospadayantea small hole created by the hoof of a calf; brahmanithe pleasure derived from impersonal Brahman understanding; apialso; jagat-guroO master of the universe.
" 'My dear Lord, O master of the universe, since I have directly seen You, my transcendental bliss has taken the shape of a great ocean. Being situated in that ocean, I now realize all other so-called happiness to be like the water contained in the hoofprint of a calf.' "
The transcendental bliss enjoyed in pure devotional service is like an ocean, whereas material happiness and even the happiness to be derived from the realization of impersonal Brahman are just like the water in the hoofprint of a calf. This is a verse from the Hari-bhakti-sudhodaya (14.36).

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