krsna-name ye ananda-sindhu-asvadana
brahmananda tara age khatodaka-sama
krsna-name—in the holy name of the Lord; ye—which; ananda—transcendental bliss; sindhu—ocean; asvadana—tasting; brahma-ananda—the transcendental bliss of impersonal understanding; tara—its; age—in front; khata-udaka—shallow water in the canals; sama—like.
"Compared to the ocean of transcendental bliss that is tasted by chanting the Hare Krsna mantra, the pleasure derived from impersonal Brahman realization [brahmananda] is like the shallow water in a canal.
In the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (1.1.38) it is stated:
brahmanando bhaved esa
cet parardha-guni-krtah
naiti bhakti-sukhambhodheh
paramanu-tulam api
"If brahmananda, the transcendental bliss derived from understanding impersonal Brahman, were multiplied a million times, such a quantity of brahmananda could not compare with even an atomic portion of the pleasure relished in pure devotional service."

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