jagat-mangala advaita, mangala-guna-dhama
mangala-caritra sada, 'mangala' yanra nama
jagat-mangala—all-auspicious to the world; advaita—Advaita Acarya; mangala-guna-dhama—the reservoir of all auspicious attributes; mangala-caritra—all characteristics are auspicious; sada—always; mangala—auspicious; yanra nama—whose name.
Sri Advaita Acarya is all-auspicious to the world, for He is a reservoir of all auspicious attributes. His characteristics, activities and name are always auspicious.
Sri Advaita Prabhu, who is an incarnation of Maha-Visnu, is an acarya, or teacher. All His activities and all the other activities of Visnu are auspicious. Anyone who can view the all-auspiciousness in the pastimes of Lord Visnu also becomes auspicious simultaneously. Therefore, since Lord Visnu is the fountainhead of auspiciousness, anyone who is attracted by the devotional service of Lord Visnu can render the greatest service to human society. Rejected persons of the material world who refuse to understand pure devotional service as the eternal function of the living entities, and as actual liberation of the living being from conditional life, become bereft of all devotional service because of their poor fund of knowledge.
In the teachings of Advaita Prabhu there is no question of fruitive activities or impersonal liberation. Bewildered by the spell of material energy, however, persons who could not understand that Advaita Prabhu is nondifferent from Visnu wanted to follow Him with their impersonal conceptions. The attempt of Advaita Prabhu to punish them is also auspicious. Lord Visnu and His activities can bestow all good fortune, directly and indirectly. In other words, being favored by Lord Visnu and being punished by Lord Visnu are one and the same because all the activities of Visnu are absolute. According to some, Mangala was another name of Advaita Prabhu. As the causal incarnation, or Lord Visnu's incarnation for a particular occasion, He is the supply agent or ingredient in material nature. However, He is never to be considered material. All His activities are spiritual. Anyone who hears about and glorifies Him becomes glorified himself, for such activities free one from all kinds of misfortune. One should not invest any material contamination or impersonalism in the Visnu form. Everyone should try to understand the real identity of Lord Visnu, for by such knowledge one can attain the highest stage of perfection.

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