etad isanam isasya
prakrti-stho 'pi tad-gunaih
na yujyate sadatma-sthair
yatha buddhis tad-asraya
etatthis; isanamopulence; isasyaof the Supreme Lord; prakrti-sthahsituated in the material nature; apialthough; tatof maya; gunaihby the qualities; nanot; yujyateis affected; sadaalways; atma-sthaihwhich are situated in His own energy; yathaas also; buddhihthe intelligence; tatof Him; asrayawhich has taken shelter.
" 'This is the opulence of the Lord: Although situated in the material nature, He is never affected by the modes of nature. Similarly, those who have surrendered to Him and fixed their intelligence upon Him are not influenced by the modes of nature.'
This text is from Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.11.38). Those who have taken shelter of the lotus feet of the Personality of Godhead do not identify with the material world, even while living in it. Pure devotees may deal with the three modes of material nature, but because of their transcendental intelligence in Krsna consciousness, they are not influenced by the material qualities. The spell of material activities does not attract such devotees. Therefore, the Supreme Lord and His devotees acting under Him are always free from material contamination.

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