garbhoda-ksiroda-sayi donhe 'purusa' nama
sei dui, yanra amsa,--visnu, visva-dhama
garbha-uda—in the ocean known as Garbhodaka within the universe; ksira-uda-sayi—one who lies in the ocean of milk; donhe—both of Them; purusa nama—known as purusa, Lord Visnu; sei—those; dui—two; yanra amsa—whose plenary portions; visnu visva-dhama—Lord Visnu, the abode of the total universes.
Garbhodasayi and Ksirodasayi are both called purusas. They are plenary portions of Karanodasayi Visnu, the first purusa, who is the abode of all the universes.
The symptoms of the purusa are described in Laghu-bhagavatamrta. While describing the incarnations of the Supreme personality of Godhead, the author has quoted from the Visnu Purana (6.8.59), where it is said: "Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto Purusottama, Lord Krsna, who is always free from the contamination of the six material dualities; whose plenary expansion, Maha-Visnu, glances over matter to create the cosmic manifestation; who expands Himself in various transcendental forms, all of which are one and the same; who is the master of all living entities; who is always free and liberated from the contamination of material energy; and who, when He appears in this material world, seems one of us, although He has an eternally spiritual, blissful, transcendental form." In summarizing this statement, Rupa Gosvami has concluded that the plenary expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead who acts in cooperation with the material energy is called the purusa.

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