TEXT 140
keyam va kuta ayata
daivi va nary utasuri
prayo mayastu me bhartur
nanya me 'pi vimohini
ka—who; iyam—this; va—or; kutah—from where; ayata—has come; daivi—whether demigod; va—or; nari—woman; uta—or; asuri—demoness; prayah—in most cases; maya—illusory energy; astu—she must be; me—My; bhartuh—of the master, Lord Krsna; na—not; anya—any other; me—My; api—certainly; vimohini—bewilderer.
"Who is this mystic power, and where has she come from? Is she a demigod or a demoness? She must be the illusory energy of My master, Lord Krsna, for who else can bewilder Me?"
The playful pastimes of the Lord caused suspicion in the mind of Lord Brahma, and therefore Lord Brahma, to test Krsna's Lordship, stole all the Lord's cows and cowherd boys with his own mystic power. Sri Krsna responded, however, by replacing all the cows and boys in the field. Lord Balarama's thoughts of astonishment at such wonderful retaliation are recorded in this verse (Bhag. 10.13.37).

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