mahabhava-svarupa sri-radha-thakurani
sarva-guna-khani krsna-kanta-siromani
maha-bhava—of mahabhava; svarupa—the form; sri-radha-thakurani—Srimati Radharani; sarva-guna—of all good qualities; khani—mine; krsna-kanta—of the lovers of Lord Krsna; siromani—crown jewel.
Sri Radha Thakurani is the embodiment of mahabhava. She is the repository of all good qualities and the crest jewel among all the lovely consorts of Lord Krsna.
The unadulterated action of the hladini-sakti is displayed in the dealings of the damsels of Vraja and Srimati Radharani, who is the topmost participant in that transcendental group. The essence of the hladini-sakti is love of Godhead, the essence of love of Godhead is bhava, or transcendental sentiment, and the highest pitch of that bhava is called mahabhava. Srimati Radharani is the personified embodiment of these three aspects of transcendental consciousness. She is therefore the highest principle in love of Godhead and is the supreme lovable object of Sri Krsna.

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