TEXT 204
ara suddha-bhakta krsna-prema-seva vine
sva-sukhartha salokyadi na kare grahane
araand; suddha-bhaktathe pure devotee; krsna-premaout of love for Lord Krsna; sevaservice; vinewithout; sva-sukha-arthafor the purpose of one's own pleasure; salokya-adithe five types of liberation, beginning from salokya (residing on the same spiritual planet as the Lord); na karedo not do; grahaneacceptance.
Furthermore, pure devotees never forsake the loving service of Lord Krsna to aspire for their own personal pleasure through the five kinds of liberation.
A pure devotee of Krsna who loves Him exclusively will flatly refuse to accept any sort of liberation, beginning from merging in the body of the Lord and extending to the other varieties of liberation, such as equality of form, opulence or abode and the opulence of living near the Lord.

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