TEXT 162
gopi-ganera premera 'rudha-bhava' nama
visuddha nirmala prema, kabhu nahe kama
gopi-ganeraof the gopis; premeraof the love; rudha-bhavarudha-bhava; namanamed; visuddhapure; nirmalaspotless; premalove; kabhuat anytime; naheis not; kamalust.
The love of the gopis is called rudha-bhava. It is pure and spotless. It is not at any time lust.
As already explained, the position of the gopis in their loving dealings with Krsna is transcendental. Their emotion is called rudha-bhava. Although it is apparently like mundane sex, one should not confuse it with mundane sexual love, for it is pure and unadulterated love of Godhead.

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