sankalpo viditah sadhvyo
bhavatinam mad-arcanam
mayanumoditah so 'sau
satyo bhavitum arhati
sankalpah—desire; viditah—has been understood; sadhvyah—O all of you chaste ladies; bhavatinam—of all of you; mat-arcanam—for worshiping Me; maya—by Me; anumoditah—accepted; sah—that; asau—that determination or desire; satyah—successful; bhavitum—to become; arhati—deserves.
"My dear gopis, I accept your desire to have Me as your husband and thus worship Me. I wish your desire to be fulfilled because it deserves to be so."
The gopis, the girlfriends of Krsna, were almost of the same age as He. Within their minds they desired that Krsna be their husband, but because of feminine bashfulness they could not express their desire. Therefore later on, after stealing their garments, Krsna informed them, "I immediately understood your desire and approved of it. Because I have now stolen your garments, you have presented yourselves before Me completely naked, which means that I have accepted all of you as My wives." Sometimes foolish rascals, not knowing the purpose of the Lord or the purpose of the gopis, unnecessarily criticize from their own angle of vision, but the real purpose of vastra-harana is expressed by the Lord in this verse.

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