prabhu tanra puja pana hasite lagila
sloka padi' tanra bhava angikara kaila
prabhu—the Lord; tanra—her; puja—worship; pana—receiving; hasite—to smile; lagila—began; sloka padi'-reciting one verse; tanra—her; bhava—emotion; angikara kaila—accepted.
Being worshiped by Laksmi, the Lord began to smile. He recited a verse from Srimad-Bhagavatam and thus accepted the emotion she expressed.
The verse quoted in this connection is the twenty-fifth verse of the Twenty-second Chapter, Tenth Canto, of Srimad-Bhagavatam. The gopis worshiped the goddess Durga, or Katyayani, but their inner desire was to get Lord Krsna as their husband. Krsna, as Paramatma, could realize the ardent desire of the gopis, and therefore He enjoyed the pastime of vastra-harana. When the gopis went to bathe in the river Yamuna, they left their garments on the land and dipped into the water completely naked. Taking this opportunity, Krsna stole all their garments and sat down in the top of a tree with them, desiring to see the girls naked just to become their husband. The gopis desired to have Krsna as their husband, and since it is only before her husband that a woman can be naked, to fulfill their desire Lord Krsna accepted their prayers by this pastime of stealing their garments. When the gopis received their garments back from Krsna, Krsna recited this verse.

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