TEXT 110
srinatha misra, subhananda, srirama, isana
srinidhi, srigopikanta, misra bhagavan
srinatha misra—of the name Srinatha Misra; subhananda—of the name Subhananda; srirama—of the name Srirama; isana—of the name Isana; srinidhi—of the name Srinidhi; sri-gopikanta—of the name Sri Gopikanta; misra bhagavan—of the name Misra Bhagavan.
The fifty-fifth branch was Srinatha Misra, the fifty-sixth was Subhananda, the fifty-seventh was Srirama, the fifty-eighth was Isana, the fifty-ninth was Srinidhi, the sixtieth was Sri Gopikanta, and the sixty-first was Misra Bhagavan.
Subhananda, who formerly lived in Vrndavana as Malati, was one of the kirtana performers who danced in front of the Ratha-yatra car during the Jagannatha festival. It is said that he ate the foam that came out of the mouth of the Lord while He danced before the Ratha-yatra car. Isana was a personal servant of Srimati Sacidevi, who showered her great mercy upon him. He was also very dear to Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

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