yaya tu dharma-kamarthan
dhrtya dharayate 'rjuna
prasangena phalakanksi
dhrtih sa partha rajasi
yaya—by which; tu—but; dharma-kama-arthanfor religiosity and economic development; dhrtyaby determination; dharayatein such terms; arjuna—O Arjuna; prasangenafor that; phala-akanksi—desiring fruitive result; dhrtihdetermination; sa—that; parthaO son of Prtha; rajasi—in the mode of passion.
And that determination by which one holds fast to fruitive result in religion, economic development and sense gratification is of the nature of passion, O Arjuna.
Any person who is always desirous of fruitive results in religious or economic activities, whose only desire is sense gratification, and whose mind, life and senses are thus engaged, is in the mode of passion.

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