na hi deha-bhrta sakyam
tyaktum karmany asesatah
yas tu karma-phala-tyagi
sa tyagity abhidhiyate
nanever; hicertainly; deha-bhrtaof the embodied; sakyampossible; tyaktumto renounce; karmaniactivities of; asesatahaltogether; yah tuanyone who; karmawork; phalaresult; tyagirenouncer; sahhe; tyagithe renouncer; itithus; abhidhiyateit is said.
It is indeed impossible for an embodied being to give up all activities. Therefore it is said that he who renounces the fruits of action is one who has truly renounced.
A person in Krsna consciousness acting in knowledge of his relationship with Krsna is always liberated. Therefore he does not have to enjoy or suffer the results of his acts after death.

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