Godhead is the sun and individual souls are His rays
In Bhagwat Geeta (Ch. VII/4-5) the living entities are described as superior nature of Godhead and the material elements are described as His inferior nature. Living beings even up to the consciousness of human being or up to super consciousness of demigods are all of the same superior quality nature of Godhead but they are never equal to Godhead. God is one without a second but the living entities are innumerable. The sun is one but the particles of the rays of the sun are innumerable. Qualitatively the sun and its rays are the same but quantitatively the particles of sun rays and the sun itself are vastly different. Similarly the supreme Godhead and the living entities are not one and the same quantitatively although they are one and the same qualitatively.
Nobody can challenge the greatness of Godhead and thus the living entities are always subordinate to the will of God. The material world is the product of inferior nature of Godhead while the spirit world and the spirit soul are the product of His superior nature. He is thus owner of the two different natures and is the original primal cause of [omission]. Nothing is greater than the greatest of all and everything that be rests on Him like the pearls worn and set on the existence of a thread.
When the superior nature of Godhead i.e, the living entities are overwhelmed by the inferior nature - matter - just like sometimes the rays of the sun is overwhelmed by a curtain of mist, at that time only the super-consciousness of the living being is mystified. In this state only the living being cannot know that he and God are of the same nature. This realisation of superior nature is sometimes miscalculated identifying the living entity with Godhead. This misidentification of Godhead with living being put forward by the Mayawad school or by the empiric philosophers has created a havoc in the right approach to Godhead. When this process of philosophising is [omission] people gradually become atheist. Acharya Sankar enunciated this illogical theory and Mayavada and it is most unfortunate that people now misinterpreted this Mayavada of Shankar without any end and the whole world is now practically Godless human forms.
They should know from the Bhagwat Geeta (ch.VII/3-4) that the mother nature (material or spiritual) is the womb of all living entities and Godhead Himself is the begetting Father.
He is not only the monopolised Father of the human being but He is also the Father of all other living beings. There are eighty-four lakh of different varieties of forms of living being and we can know that for all of them the Supreme Father is Godhead and the mother is Nature. So Godhead, living entities and the material nature all are in a family way. When we know the inter-relation of these three, then only we can attain to pure knowledge.
All classes of people are not very much anxious to realise the truth of universal brotherhood which has become [omission] term. The process of universal brotherhood will remain for ever [omission] if we do not come to know the constitution of the living entities, the material nature, the spiritual nature and above all the Supreme Godhead.
Out of hundreds and thousands of ordinary men some only try to purify life into perfection and out of thousands of such purified perfect human beings only a few can know Godhead as He is.
A strong desire to establish peace of the world with basis of universal brother-hood advocated by so many leaders will never be fulfilled if we are unable to

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