kim caham na bhuvam yasye
nara mayy amrjanty agham
mrjami tad agham kvaham
rajams tatra vicintyatam
kim caalso; ahamI; nanot; bhuvamto the planet earth; yasyeshall go; narahthe people in general; mayiin me, in my water; amrjanticleanse; aghamthe reactions of their sinful activity; mrjamiI shall wash; tatthat; aghamaccumulation of sinful reactions; kvaunto whom; ahamI; rajanO King; tatraon this fact; vicintyatamplease consider carefully and decide.
O King, I do not wish to go down to the planet earth, for there the people in general will bathe in my water to cleanse themselves of the reactions of their sinful deeds. When all these sinful reactions accumulate in me, how shall I become free from them? You must consider this very carefully.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead says:
Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reaction. Do not fear. (Bg. 18.66) The Supreme Personality of Godhead can accept the reactions of anyones sinful deeds and neutralize them because He is pavitra, pure, like the sun, which is never contaminated by any worldly infection. Tejiyasam na dosaya vahneh sama-bhujo yatha (Bhag. 10.33.29). One who is very powerful is not affected by any sinful activity. But here we see that mother Ganges fears being burdened with the sins of the people in general who would bathe in her waters. This indicates that no one but the Supreme Personality of Godhead is able to neutralize the reactions of sinful deeds, whether ones own or those of others. Sometimes the spiritual master, after accepting a disciple, must take charge of that disciples past sinful activities and, being overloaded, must sometimes sufferif not fully, then partiallyfor the sinful acts of the disciple. Every disciple, therefore, must be very careful not to commit sinful activities after initiation. The poor spiritual master is kind and merciful enough to accept a disciple and partially suffer for that disciples sinful activities, but Krsna, being merciful to His servant, neutralizes the reactions of sinful deeds for the servant who engages in preaching His glories. Even mother Ganges feared the sinful reactions of the people in general and was anxious about how she would counteract the burden of these sins.

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