brahmani viksya didhisum
purusadena bhaksitam
socanty atmanam urvisam
asapat kupita sati
brahmanithe wife of the brahmana; viksyaafter seeing; didhisumher husband, who was about to give the seed of a child; purusa-adenaby the man-eater (Raksasa); bhaksitamhaving been eaten up; socantilamenting very much; atmanamfor her body or her self; urvisamunto the King; asapatcursed; kupitabeing angry; satithe chaste woman.
When the chaste wife of the brahmana saw that her husband, who was about to discharge semen, had been eaten by the man-eater, she was overwhelmed with grief and lamentation. Thus she angrily cursed the King.

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