na sadhu-vado muni-kopa-bharjita
nrpendra-putra iti sattva-dhamani
katham tamo rosamayam vibhavyate
jagat-pavitratmani khe rajo bhuvah
na—not; sadhu-vadah—the opinion of learned persons; muni-kopa—by the anger of Kapila Muni; bharjitah—were burned to ashes; nrpendra-putrah—all the sons of Sagara Maharaja; iti—thus; sattva-dhamani—in Kapila Muni, in whom the mode of goodness was predominant; katham—how; tamah—the mode of ignorance; rosa-mayam—manifested in the form of anger; vibhavyate—can be manifested; jagat-pavitra-atmani—in He whose body can purify the whole world; khe—in the sky; rajah—dust; bhuvah—earthly.
It is sometimes argued that the sons of King Sagara were burned to ashes by the fire emanating from the eyes of Kapila Muni. This statement, however, is not approved by great learned persons, for Kapila Muniís body is completely in the mode of goodness and therefore cannot manifest the mode of ignorance in the form of anger, just as the pure sky cannot be polluted by the dust of the earth.

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