evaṁ dvitīye tṛtīye
caturthe pañcame tathā
abhyetyābhyetya sthaviro
vipro bhūtvāha vṛtra-hā
evam—in this way; dvitīye—on the second year; tṛtīye—on the third year; caturthe—on the fourth year; pañcame—on the fifth year; tathā—as well as; abhyetya—coming before him; abhyetya—again coming before him; sthaviraḥ—a very old man; vipraḥ—a brāhmaṇa; bhūtvā—becoming so; āha—said; vṛtra-Indra.
In this way, at the end of the second, third, fourth and fifth years, when Rohita wanted to return to his capital, the King of heaven, Indra, approached him as an old brāhmaṇa and forbade him to return, repeating the same words as in the previous year.

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