yugantagnim ivolbanam
visrjya dudruvur daitya
hanyamanah svam alayam
tasya—his (Puranjaya’s); isu-pata—the throwing of the arrows; abhimukham—in front of; yuga-anta—at the end of the millennium; agnim—the flames; iva—exactly like; ulbanam—fierce; visrjya—giving up the attack; dudruvuh—ran away; daityah—all the demons; hanyamanah—being killed (by Puranjaya); svam—own; alayam—to the residence.
To save themselves from the blazing arrows of Indravaha, which resembled the flames of devastation at the end of the millennium, the demons who remained when the rest of their army was killed fled very quickly to their respective homes.

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