ajanata te paramanubhavam
krtam mayagham bhavatah priyanam
vidhehi tasyapacitim vidhatar
mucyeta yan-namny udite narako pi
ajanatawithout knowledge; teof Your Lordship; parama-anubhavamthe inconceivable prowess; krtamhas been committed; mayaby me; aghama great offense; bhavatahof Your Lordship; priyanamat the feet of the devotees; vidhehinow kindly do the needful; tasyaof such an offense; apacitimcounteraction; vidhatahO supreme controller; mucyetacan be delivered; yatof whose; namniwhen the name; uditeis awakened; narakah apieven a person fit for going to hell.
O my Lord, O supreme controller, without knowledge of Your unlimited prowess I have offended Your most dear devotee. Very kindly save me from the reaction of this offense. You can do everything, for even if a person is fit for going to hell, You can deliver him simply by awakening within his heart the holy name of Your Lordship.

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