This chapter describes the dynasty of Saryati, another son of Manu, and also tells about Sukanya and Revati.
Devajna Saryati gave instructions about what to do in the ritualistic ceremony observed on the second day of the yajna of the Angirasas. One day, Saryati, along with his daughter, known as Sukanya, went to the asrama of Cyavana Muni. There Sukanya saw two glowing substances within a hole of earthworms, and by chance she pierced those two glowing substances. As soon as she did this, blood began to ooze from that hole. Consequently, King Saryati and his companions suffered from constipation and inability to pass urine. When the King asked why circumstances had suddenly changed, he found that Sukanya was the cause of this misfortune. Then they all offered prayers to Cyavana Muni just to satisfy him according to his own desire, and Devajna Saryati offered his daughter to Cyavana Muni, who was a very old man.
When the heavenly physicians the Asvini-kumara brothers once visited Cyavana Muni, the muni requested them to give him back his youth. These two physicians took Cyavana Muni to a particular lake, in which they bathed and regained full youth. After this, Sukanya could not distinguish her husband. She then surrendered unto the Asvini-kumaras, who were very satisfied with her chastity and who therefore introduced her again to her husband. Cyavana Muni then engaged King Saryati in performing the soma-yajna and gave the Asvini-kumaras the privilege to drink soma-rasa. The King of heaven, Lord Indra, became very angry at this, but he could do no harm to Saryati. Henceforward, the Asvini-kumara physicians were able to share in the soma-rasa.
Saryati later had three sons, named Uttanabarhi, Anarta and Bhurisena. Anarta had one son, whose name was Revata. Revata had one hundred sons, of whom the eldest was Kakudmi. Kakudmi was advised by Lord Brahma to offer his beautiful daughter, Revati, to Baladeva, who belongs to the visnu-tattva category. After doing this, Kakudmi retired from family life and entered the forest of Badarikasrama to execute austerities and penances.

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