TEXTS 1113
vasudeve bhagavati
sarvatmani pare male
ekantitvam gato bhaktya
sarva-bhuta-suhrt samah
vimukta-sangah santatma
samyatakso parigrahah
kalpayan vrttim atmanah
atmany atmanam adhaya
jnana-trptah samahitah
vicacara mahim etam
vasudeveunto the Supreme Personality of Godhead; bhagavatiunto the Lord; sarva-atmaniunto the Supersoul; pareunto the Transcendence; amaleunto the Supreme person, who is without material contamination; ekantitvamrendering devotional service without diversion; gatahbeing situated in that position; bhaktyabecause of pure devotion; sarva-bhuta-suhrt samahbecause of being a devotee, friendly and equal to everyone; vimukta-sangahwithout material contamination; santa-atmaa peaceful attitude; samyataself-controlled; aksahthe vision of whom; aparigrahahwithout accepting any charity from anyone else; yat-rcchayaby the grace of the Lord; upapannenaby whatever was available for bodily necessities; kalpayanin this way arranging; vrttimthe necessities of the body; atmanahfor the benefit of the soul; atmaniwithin the mind; atmanamthe Supreme Soul, the Personality of Godhead; adhayakeeping always; jnana-trptahfully satisfied in transcendental knowledge; samahitahalways in trance; vicacaratraveled all over; mahimthe earth; etamthis; jadadumb; andhablind; badhiradeaf; akrtihappearing as if.
Thereafter, Prsadhra gained relief from all responsibilities, became peaceful in mind, and established control over all his senses. Being unaffected by material conditions, being pleased with whatever was available by the grace of the Lord to maintain body and soul together, and being equal toward everyone, he gave full attention to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva, who is the transcendental Supersoul, free from material contamination. Thus Prsadhra, fully satisfied in pure knowledge, always keeping his mind on the Supreme Personality of Godhead, achieved pure devotional service to the Lord and began traveling all over the world, without affection for material activities, as if he were deaf, dumb and blind.

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