bhu-mandalasya sarvasya
purum arhattamam visam
abhisicyagrajams tasya
vase sthapya vanam yayau
bhu-mandalasyaof the entire planet earth; sarvasyaof all wealth and riches; purumhis youngest son, Puru; arhat-tamamthe most worshipable person, the king; visamof the citizens or the subjects of the world; abhisicyacrowning on the throne of the emperor; agrajanall his elder brothers, beginning from Yadu; tasyaof Puru; vaseunder the control; sthapyaestablishing; vanamin the forest; yayauhe went away.
Yayati enthroned his youngest son, Puru, as the emperor of the entire world and the proprietor of all its riches, and he placed all the other sons, who were older than Puru, under Purus control.

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