TEXTS 1214
yair idam tapasa srstam
mukham pumsah parasya ye
dharyate yair iha jyotih
sivah panthah pradarsitah
yan vandanty upatisthante
loka-nathah suresvarah
bhagavan api visvatma
pavanah sri-niketanah
vayam tatrapi bhrgavah
sisyo sya nah pitasurah
asmad-dharyam dhrtavati
sudro vedam ivasati
yaihby which persons; idamthis entire universe; tapasaby austerity; srstamwas created; mukhamthe face; pumsahof the Supreme Person; parasyatranscendental; yethose who (are); dharyateis always born; yaihby which persons; ihahere; jyotihthe brahmajyoti, the effulgence of the Supreme Lord; sivahauspicious; panthahway; pradarsitahis directed; yanto whom; vandantioffer prayers; upatisthantehonor and follow; loka-nathahthe directors of the various planets; sura-isvarahthe demigods; bhagavanthe Supreme Personality of Godhead; apieven; visva-atmathe Supersoul; pavanahthe purifier; sri-niketanahthe husband of the goddess of fortune; vayamwe (are); tatra apieven greater than other brahmanas; bhrgavahdescendants of Bhrgu; sisyahdisciple; asyahof her; nahour; pitafather; asurahbelong to the demoniac group; asmat-dharyammeant to be worn by us; dhrtavatishe has put on; sudraha non-brahmana worker; vedamthe Vedas; ivalike; asatiunchaste.
We are among the qualified brahmanas, who are accepted as the face of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The brahmanas have created the entire universe by their austerity, and they always keep the Absolute Truth within the core of their hearts. They have directed the path of good fortune, the path of Vedic civilization, and because they are the only worshipable objects within this world, they are offered prayers and worshiped even by the great demigods, the directors of the various planets, and even by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Supersoul, the supreme purifier, the husband of the goddess of fortune. And we are even more respectable because we are in the dynasty of Bhrgu. Yet although this womans father, being among the demons, is our disciple, she has put on my dress, exactly like a sudra taking charge of Vedic knowledge.

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