Ayu, the eldest son of Pururava, had five sons. This chapter describes the dynasties of four of them, beginning with Ksatravrddha.
Ayu, the son of Pururava, had five sons— Nahusa, Ksatravrddha, Raji, Rabha and Anena. The son of Ksatravrddha was Suhotra, who had three sons, named Kasya, Kusa and Grtsamada. The son of Grtsamada was Sunaka, and his son was Saunaka. The son of Kasya was Kasi. From Kasi came the sons and grandsons known as Rastra, Dirghatama and then Dhanvantari, who was the inaugurator of medical science and was a saktyavesa incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Vasudeva. The descendants of Dhanvantari were Ketuman, Bhimaratha, Divodasa and Dyuman, who was also known as Pratardana, Satrujit, Vatsa, Rtadhvaja and Kuvalayasva. The son of Dyuman was Alarka, who reigned over the kingdom for many, many years. Following in the dynasty of Alarka were Santati, Sunitha, Niketana, Dharmaketu, Satyaketu, Dhrstaketu, Sukumara, Vitihotra, Bharga and Bhargabhumi. All of them belonged to the dynasty of Kasi, the descendant of Ksatravrddha.
The son of Rabha was Rabhasa, and his son was Gambhira. Gambhira’s son was Akriya, and from Akriya came Brahmavit. The son of Anena was Suddha, and his son was Suci. The son of Suci was Citrakrt, whose son was Santaraja. Raji had five hundred sons, all of extraordinary strength. Raji was personally very powerful and was given the kingdom of heaven by Lord Indra. Later, after Raji’s death, when the sons of Raji refused to return the kingdom to Indra, by Brhaspati’s arrangement they became unintelligent, and Lord Indra conquered them.
The grandson of Ksatravrddha named Kusa gave birth to a son named Prati. From Prati came Sanjaya; from Sanjaya, Jaya; from Jaya, Krta; and from Krta, Haryabala. The son of Haryabala was Sahadeva; the son of Sahadeva, Hina; the son of Hina, Jayasena; the son of Jayasena, Sankrti; and the son of Sankrti, Jaya.

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