yo vai hariscandra-makhe
vikritah purusah pasuh
stutva devan prajesadin
mumuce pasa-bandhanat
yah—he who (Sunahsepha); vai—indeed; hariscandra-makhe—in the sacrifice performed by King Hariscandra; vikritah—was sold; purusah—man; pasuh—sacrificial animal; stutva—offering prayers; devan—to the demigods; praja-isa-adin—headed by Lord Brahma; mumuce—was released; pasa-bandhanat—from being bound with ropes like an animal.
Sunahsepha’s father sold Sunahsepha to be sacrificed as a man-animal in the yajna of King Hariscandra. When Sunahsepha was brought into the sacrificial arena, he prayed to the demigods for release and was released by their mercy.
Here is a description of Sunahsepha. When Hariscandra was to sacrifice his son Rohita, Rohita arranged to save his own life by purchasing Sunahsepha from Sunahsepha’s father to be sacrificed in the yajna. Sunahsepha was sold to Maharaja Hariscandra because he was the middle son, between the oldest and the youngest. It appears that the sacrifice of a man as an animal in yajna has been practiced for a very long time.

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