evam krta-sirah-snanah
suvasah sragvy-alankrtah
svalankrtaih suvasobhir
bhratrbhir bharyaya babhau
evam—thus; krta-sirah-snanah—having completely bathed, washing the head; su-vasah—being nicely dressed; sragvi-alankrtah—being decorated with a garland; su-alankrtaih—decorated nicely; su-vasobhih—dressed nicely; bhratrbhih—with His brothers; bharyaya—and with His wife, Sita; babhau—the Lord became very brilliant.
Lord Ramacandra, fully bathed and His head clean-shaven, dressed Himself very nicely and was decorated with a garland and ornaments. Thus He shone brightly, surrounded by His brothers and wife, who were similarly dressed and ornamented.

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