jaṭā nirmucya vidhivat
kula-vṛddhaiḥ samaṁ guruḥ
abhyaṣiñcad yathaivendraṁ
jaṭāḥ—the matted locks of hair on the head; nirmucya—shaving clean; vidhi-vat—according to regulative principles; kula-vṛddhaiḥ—the elderly persons in the family; samam—with; guruḥ—the family priest or spiritual master, Vasiṣṭha; abhyaṣiñcat—performed the abhiṣeka ceremony of Lord Rāmacandra; yathā—as; eva—like; indram—unto King Indra; catuḥ-sindhu-jala—with the water of the four oceans; ādibhiḥ—and with other paraphernalia for bathing.
The family priest or spiritual master, Vasiṣṭha, had Lord Rāmacandra cleanly shaved, freeing Him from His matted locks of hair. Then, with the cooperation of the elderly members of the family, he performed the bathing ceremony [abhiṣeka] for Lord Rāmacandra with the water of the four seas and with other substances, just as it was performed for King Indra.

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