gurv-arthe tyakta-rajyo vyacarad anuvanam padma-padbhyam priyayah
pani-sparsaksamabhyam mrjita-patha-rujo yo harindranujabhyam
vairupyac churpanakhyah priya-viraha-rusaropita-bhru-vijrmbha-
trastabdhir baddha-setuh khala-dava-dahanah kosalendro ’vatan nah
guru-arthe—for the sake of keeping the promise of His father; tyakta-rajyah—giving up the position of king; vyacarat—wandered; anuvanam—from one forest to another; padma-padbhyam—by His two lotus feet; priyayah—with His very dear wife, mother Sita; pani-sparsa-aksamabhyam—which were so delicate that they were unable to bear even the touch of Sita’s palm; mrjita-patha-rujah—whose fatigue due to walking on the street was diminished; yah—the Lord who; harindra-anujabhyam—accompanied by the king of the monkeys, Hanuman, and His younger brother Laksmana; vairupyat—because of being disfigured; surpanakhyah—of the Raksasi (demoness) named Surpanakha; priya-viraha—being aggrieved by separation from His very dear wife; rusa aropita-bhru-vijrmbha—by flickering of His raised eyebrows in anger; trasta—fearing; abdhih—the ocean; baddha-setuh—one who constructed a bridge over the ocean; khala-dava-dahanah—killer of envious persons like Ravana, like a fire devouring a forest; kosala-indrah—the King of Ayodhya; avatat—be pleased to protect; nah—us.
To keep the promise of His father intact, Lord Ramacandra immediately gave up the position of king and, accompanied by His wife, mother Sita, wandered from one forest to another on His lotus feet, which were so delicate that they were unable to bear even the touch of Sita’s palms. The Lord was also accompanied by Hanuman [or by another monkey, Sugriva], king of the monkeys, and by His own younger brother Lord Laksmana, both of whom gave Him relief from the fatigue of wandering in the forest. Having cut off the nose and ears of Surpanakha, thus disfiguring her, the Lord was separated from mother Sita. He therefore became angry, moving His eyebrows and thus frightening the ocean, who then allowed the Lord to construct a bridge to cross the ocean. Subsequently, the Lord entered the kingdom of Ravana to kill him, like a fire devouring a forest. May that Supreme Lord, Ramacandra, give us all protection.

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