atha tam asramabhyase
carantim pramadottamam
stribhih parivrtam viksya
cakame bhagavan budhah
atha—in this way; tam—her; asrama-abhyase—in the neighborhood of his asrama; carantim—loitering; pramada-uttamam—the best of beautiful women who excite sex; stribhih—by other women; parivrtam—surrounded; viksya—seeing her; cakame—desired sex; bhagavan—the most powerful; budhahBudha, the son of the moon and predominating deity of the planet known as Budha, or Mercury.
Sudyumna had been transformed into the best of beautiful women who excite sexual desire and was surrounded by other women. Upon seeing this beautiful woman loitering near his asrama, Budha, the son of the moon, immediately desired to enjoy her.

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