aprajasya manoh purvam
vasistho bhagavan kila
mitra-varunayor istim
prajartham akarod vibhuh
aprajasya—of he who had no son; manoh—of Manu; purvam—formerly; vasisthah—the great saint Vasistha; bhagavan—powerful; kila—indeed; mitra-varunayoh—of the demigods named Mitra and Varuna; istim—a sacrifice; praja-artham—for the sake of getting sons; akarot—executed; vibhuh—the great person.
Manu at first had no sons. Therefore, in order to get a son for him, the great saint Vasistha, who was very powerful in spiritual knowledge, performed a sacrifice to satisfy the demigods Mitra and Varuna.

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