tato devasurah krtva
samvidam krta-sauhrdah
udyamam paramam cakrur
amrtarthe parantapa
tatahthereafter; deva-asurahboth the demons and the demigods; krtvaexecuting; samvidamindicating; krta-sauhrdahan armistice between them; udyamamenterprise; paramamsupreme; cakruhthey did; amrta-arthefor the sake of nectar; parantapaO Maharaja Pariksit, chastiser of enemies.
O Maharaja Pariksit, chastiser of enemies, the demigods and the demons thereafter made an armistice between them. Then, with great enterprise, they arranged to produce nectar, as proposed by Lord Indra.
The word samvidam is significant in this verse. The demigods and demons both agreed to stop fighting, at least for the time being, and endeavored to produce nectar. Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura notes in this connection:
samvid yuddhe pratijnayam
acare namni tosane
sambhasane kriyakare
sanketa-jnanayor api
The word samvit is variously used to mean in fighting, in promising, for satisfying, in addressing, by practical action, indication, and knowledge.

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