asrausid rsibhih sakam
atma-tattvam asamsayam
navy asino bhagavata
proktam brahma sanatanam
asrausit—he heard; rsibhih—the great saintly persons; sakam—with; atma-tattvam—the science of self-realization; asamsayam—without any doubt (because it was spoken by the Supreme Lord); navi asinah—sitting in the boat; bhagavata—by the Supreme Personality of Godhead; proktam—explained; brahma—all transcendental literatures; sanatanam—eternally existing.
While sitting in the boat, King Satyavrata, accompanied by the great saintly persons, listened to the instructions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead in regard to self-realization. These instructions were all from the eternal Vedic literature [brahma]. Thus the King and sages had no doubt about the Absolute Truth.

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