bibhemi naham nirayat pada-cyuto
na pasa-bandhad vyasanad duratyayat
naivartha-krcchrad bhavato vinigrahad
asadhu-vadad bhrsam udvije yatha
bibhemi—I do fear; na—not; aham—I; nirayat—from a position in hell; pada-cyutah—nor do I fear being deprived of my position; na—nor; pasa-bandhat—from being arrested by the ropes of Varuna; vyasanat—nor from the distress; duratyayat—which was unbearable for me; na—nor; eva—certainly; artha-krcchrat—because of poverty, or scarcity of money; bhavatah—of Your Lordship; vinigrahat—from the punishment I am now suffering; asadhu-vadat—from defamation; bhrsam—very much; udvije—I become anxious; yatha—as.
I do not fear being deprived of all my possessions, living in hellish life, being arrested for poverty by the ropes of Varuna or being punished by You as much as I fear defamation.
Although Bali Maharaja fully surrendered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he could not tolerate being defamed for cheating a brahmana-brahmacari, Being quite alert in regard to his reputation, he thought deeply about how to prevent being defamed. The Lord, therefore, gave him the good counsel to prevent defamation by offering his head. A Vaisnava does not fear any punishment. Narayana-parah sarve na kutascana bibhyati (Bhag. 6.17.28).

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