esa danava-daityanam
agranih kirti-vardhanah
ajaisid ajayam mayam
sidann api na muhyati
esah—this Bali Maharaja; danava-daityanam—among the demons and unbelievers; agranih—the foremost devotee; kirti-vardhanah—the most famous; ajaisit—has already surpassed; ajayam—the insurmountable; mayam—material energy; sidan—being bereft (of all material opulences); api—although; na—not; muhyati—is bewildered.
Bali Maharaja has become the most famous among the demons and nonbelievers, for in spite of being bereft of all material opulences, he is fixed in his devotional service.
In this verse, the words sidann api na muhyati are very important. A devotee is sometimes put into adversity while executing devotional service. In adversity, everyone laments and becomes aggrieved, but by the grace of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a devotee, even in the worst condition, can understand that he is going through a severe examination by the Personality of Godhead. Bali Maharaja passed all such examinations, as explained in the following verses.

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