bhuta-bhavana bhutesa
deva-deva jaganmaya
muncainam hrta-sarvasvam
nayam arhati nigraham
sri-brahma uvacaLord Brahma said; bhuta-bhavanaO Supreme Being, well-wisher of everyone, who can cause one to flourish; bhuta-isaO master of everyone; deva-devaO worshipable Deity of the demigods; jagat-mayaO all-pervading one; muncaplease release; enamthis poor Bali Maharaja; hrta-sarvasvamnow bereft of everything; nanot; ayamsuch a poor man; arhatideserves; nigrahampunishment.
Lord Brahma said: O well-wisher and master of all living entities, O worshipable Deity of all the demigods, O all-pervading Personality of Godhead, now this man has been sufficiently punished, for You have taken everything. Now You can release him. He does not deserve to be punished more.
When Lord Brahma saw that Prahlada Maharaja and Vindhyavali had already approached the Lord to ask mercy for Bali Maharaja, he joined them and recommended Bali Maharajas release on the grounds of worldly calculations.

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