ittham sa niscitya pitamaho mahan
agadha-bodho bhavatah pada-padmam
dhruvam prapede hy akutobhayam janad
bhitah svapaksa-ksapanasya sattama
ittham—because of this (as stated above); sah—he, Prahlada Maharaja; niscitya—definitely deciding on this point; pitamahah—my grandfather; mahan—the great devotee; agadha-bodhah—my grandfather, who received unlimited knowledge because of his devotional service; bhavatah—of Your Lordship; pada-padmam—the lotus feet; dhruvam—the infallible, eternal shelter; prapede—surrendered; hi—indeed; akutah-bhayam—completely free of fear; janat—from ordinary common people; bhitah—being afraid; svapaksa-ksapanasya—of Your Lordship, who kill the demons on our own side; sat-tama—O best of the best.
My grandfather, the best of all men, who achieved unlimited knowledge and was worshipable for everyone, was afraid of the common men in this world. Being fully convinced of the substantiality afforded by shelter at Your lotus feet, He took shelter of Your lotus feet, against the will of his father and demoniac friends, who were killed by Your own self.

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