balena sacivair buddhya
durgair mantrausadhadibhih
samadibhir upayais ca
kalam natyeti vai janah
balena—by material power; sacivaih—by the counsel of ministers; buddhya—by intelligence; durgaih—by fortresses; mantra-ausadha-adibhih—by mystic chanting or the influence of drugs and herbs; sama-adibhih—by diplomacy and other such means; upayaih ca—by similar other attempts; kalam—the time factor, representing the Supreme Lord; na—never; atyeti—can overcome; vai—indeed; janah—any person.
No one can surpass the time representation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead by material power, by the counsel of ministers, by intelligence, by diplomacy, by fortresses, by mystic mantras, by drugs, by herbs or by any other means.

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