tasmad asya vadho dharmo
bhartuh susrusanam ca nah
ity ayudhani jagrhur
baler anucarasurah
tasmat—therefore; asya—of this brahmacari Vamana; vadhah—the killing; dharmah—is our duty; bhartuh—of our master; susrusanam ca—and it is the way of serving; nah—our; iti—thus; ayudhani—all kinds of weapons; jagrhuh—they took up; baleh—of Bali Maharaja; anucara—followers; asurah—all the demons.
“Therefore it is our duty to kill this Vamanadeva, Lord Visnu. It is our religious principle and the way to serve our master.” After making this decision, the demoniac followers of Maharaja Bali took up their various weapons with a view to killing Vamanadeva.

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