anena yacamanena
satruna vatu-rupina
sarvasvam no hrtam bhartur
nyasta-dandasya barhisi
anenaby Him; yacamanenawho is in the position of a beggar; satrunaby the enemy; vatu-rupinain the form of a brahmacari; sarvasvameverything; nahour; hrtamhas been taken away; bhartuhof our master; nyastahad been given up; dandasyaof whom the power of giving punishment; barhisibecause of taking the vow of a ritualistic ceremony.
Our lord, Bali Maharaja, because of his position in performing the yajna, has given up the power to punish. Taking advantage of this, our eternal enemy, Visnu, dressed in the form of a brahmacari beggar, has taken away all his possessions.

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