yad yad dhasyati loke ’smin
samparetam dhanadikam
tasya tyage nimittam kim
vipras tusyen na tena cet
yat yat—whatsoever; hasyati—will leave; loke—in the world; asmin—in this; samparetam—one who is already dead; dhana-adikam—his wealth and riches; tasya—of such wealth; tyage—in renunciation; nimittam—the purpose; kim—what is; viprah—the brahmana who is confidentially Lord Visnu; tusyet—must be pleased; na—is not; tena—by such (riches); cet—if there is a possibility.
My lord, you can also see that all the material opulences of this world are certainly separated from their possessor at death. Therefore, if the brahmana Vamanadeva is not satisfied by whatever gifts one has given, why not please Him with the riches one is destined to lose at death?
The word vipra means brahmana, and at the same time “confidential.” Bali Maharaja had confidentially decided to give the gift to Lord Vamanadeva without discussion, but because such a decision would hurt the hearts of the asuras and his spiritual master, Sukracarya, he spoke equivocally. Bali Maharaja, as a pure devotee, had already decided to give all the land to Lord Visnu.

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