drdham pandita-many ajnah
stabdho sy asmad-upeksaya
mac-chasanatigo yas tvam
acirad bhrasyase sriyah
drdhamso firmly convinced or fixed in your decision; pandita-maniconsidering yourself very learned; ajnahat the same time foolish; stabdhahimpudent; asiyou have become; asmatof us; upeksayaby disregarding; mat-sasana-atigahsurpassing the jurisdiction of my administration; yahsuch a person (as you); tvamyourself; aciratvery soon; bhrasyasewill fall down; sriyahfrom all opulence.
Although you have no knowledge, you have become a so-called learned person, and therefore you dare be so impudent as to disobey my order. Because of disobeying me, you shall very soon be bereft of all your opulence.
Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura says that Bali Maharaja was not pandita-mani, or one who falsely assumes himself learned; rather, he was pandita-manya-jnah, one who is so learned that all other learned persons worship him. Aid because he was so learned, he could disobey the order of his so-called spiritual master. He had no fear of any condition of material existence. Anyone cared for by Lord Visnu does not need to care about anyone else. Thus Bali Maharaja could never be bereft of all opulences. The opulences offered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead are not to be compared to the opulences obtained by karma-kanda. In other words, if a devotee becomes very opulent, it is to be understood that his opulence is a gift of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such opulence will never be vanquished, whereas the opulence achieved by ones fruitive activity may be vanquished at any moment.

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