yam vinirjitya krcchrena
visnuh ksmoddhara agatam
atmanam jayinam mene
tad-viryam bhury anusmaran
yamwhom; vinirjityaafter conquering; krcchrenawith great difficulty; visnuhLord Visnu in His incarnation as a boar; ksma-uddhareat the time when the earth was delivered; agatamappeared before Him; atmanampersonally, Himself; jayinamvictorious; meneconsidered; tat-viryamthe prowess of Hiranyaksa; bhuriconstantly, or more and more; anusmaranthinking about.
When delivering the earth from the Garbhodaka Sea, Lord Visnu, in His incarnation as a boar, killed Hiranyaksa, who had appeared before Him. The fight was severe, and the Lord killed Hiranyaksa with great difficulty. Later, as the Lord thought about the uncommon prowess of Hiranyaksa, He felt Himself victorious indeed.

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