tasmāt trīṇi padāny eva
vṛṇe tvad varadarṣabhāt
etāvataiva siddho ’haṁ
vittaṁ yāvat prayojanam
tasmāt—because of being satisfied by things easily obtained; trīṇi—three; padāni—steps; eva—indeed; vṛṇe—I ask; tvat—from your good self; varada-ṛṣabhāt—who are a munificent benedictor; etāvatā eva—merely by such an endowment; siddhaḥ aham—I shall feel full satisfaction; vittam—achievement; yāvat—as far as; prayojanam—is needed.
Therefore, O King, from you, the best of those who give charity, I ask only three paces of land. By such a gift I shall be very pleased, for the way of happiness is to be fully satisfied to receive that which is absolutely needed.

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