tasmat tvatto mahim isad
vrne íham varadarsabhat
padani trini daityendra
sammitani pada mama
tasmat—from such a person; tvattah—from Your Majesty; mahim—land; isat—very little; vrne—am asking for; aham—I; varada-rsabhat—from the personality who can give charity munificently; padani—footsteps; trini—three; daitya-indra—O King of the Daityas; sammitani—to the measurement of; pada—by a foot; mama—My.
O King of the Daityas, from Your Majesty, who come from such a noble family and who are able to give charity munificently, I ask only three paces of land, to the measurement of My steps.
Lord Vamanadeva wanted three paces of land according to the measurement of His footsteps. He did not want more than necessary. But although He pretended to be an ordinary human child, He actually wanted the land comprising the upper, middle and lower planetary systems. This was just to show the prowess of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

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