naitat parasmā ākhyeyaṁ
pṛṣṭayāpi kathañcana
sarvaṁ sampadyate devi
deva-guhyaṁ susaṁvṛtam
na—not; etat—this; parasmai—to outsiders; ākhyeyam—is to be disclosed; pṛṣṭayā api—even though questioned; kathañcana—by anyone; sarvam—everything; sampadyate—becomes successful; devi—O lady; deva-guhyam—very confidential even to the demigods; su-saṁvṛtam—very carefully kept confidential.
O lady, even if someone inquires, you should not disclose this fact to anyone. That which is very confidential is successful if kept secret.

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