indra-jyesthaih sva-tanayair
hatanam yudhi vidvisam
striyo rudantir asadya
drastum icchasi duhkhitah
indra-jyesthaih—persons of whom King Indra is the eldest; sva-tanayaih—by your own sons; hatanam—who are killed; yudhi—in the fight; vidvisam—of the enemies; striyah—the wives; rudantih—lamenting; asadya—coming near the dead bodies of their husbands; drastum icchasi—you want to see; duhkhitah—very much aggrieved.
You want to see the wives of the demons lamenting for the death of their husbands when those demons, the enemies of your sons, are killed in battle by the demigods, of whom Indra is the chief.

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