ayuh param vapur abhistam atulya-laksmir
dyo-bhu-rasah sakala-yoga-gunas tri-vargah
jnanam ca kevalam ananta bhavanti tustat
tvatto nrnam kim u sapatna-jayadir asih
ayuh—duration of life; param—as long as that of Lord Brahma; vapuh—a particular type of body; abhistam—the goal of life; atulya-laksmih—unparalleled opulence in material existence; dyo—the upper planetary system; bhu—Bhuloka; rasah—the lower planetary system; sakala—all kinds of; yoga-gunah—the eight mystic perfections; tri-vargah—the principles of religiosity, economic development and sense gratification; jnanam—transcendental knowledge; ca—and; kevalam—complete; ananta—O unlimited one; bhavanti—all become possible; tustat—by Your satisfaction; tvattah—from You; nrnam—of all living entities; kim u—what to speak of; sapatna—enemies; jaya—conquering; adih—and others; asih—such benedictions.
O unlimited one, if Your Lordship is satisfied, one can very easily obtain a lifetime as long as that of Lord Brahma, a body either in the upper, lower or middle planetary systems, unlimited material opulence, religion, economic development and satisfaction of the senses, full transcendental knowledge, and the eight yogic perfections, what to speak of such petty achievements as conquering one’s rivals.

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